Author Topic: Gun Fighters Are you the Predator or the Victim? Only You can Decide!  (Read 2268 times)

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Useful heuristics for fighting with your rifle or just combat in general...

Gun Fighters Are you the Predator or the Victim? Only You can Decide!

D. Kellerman U.S. Special Forces ODA 2091 SE Afghanistan 2003-2004, Gunfighters Proving Ground

1. A gunfighter has chosen to step into the arena, don’t tread lightly. This is a “no shit” situation. Training instructors will not be there to coach you. There won’t be a re-test or a warm-up.
2. 20 minutes of quality dry or live fire training every week beats 4 hours of firing hundreds of rounds into paper once or twice a month.
3. Either you have it or you don’t. If you don’t, get a new job or stay in the office.
4. Confidence, dominance, and well placed shots will allow you to live. Never rely on having more ammo. Treat each magazine as if it were your only one.
5. A perfect range score only means that you take too much time to shoot. Vanity kills in real life shootouts! That perfect score will only get you a nice certificate. Speed and reasonably good accuracy are what allows you to live.
6. A good shooting stance will always seem right during a training course, but will never be perfect in real life. Get over it, fight through it, and get the shot off…now!
7. MINDSET wins the fight…and DOMINATION of the situation deals death!
8. Stand your ground, but take cover if needed. Moving away or backwards can make you a victim.
9. Advance on the threat to gain the psychological advantage. Victims run, predators engage! In case you haven’t figured it out yet, you should be a predator!
10. If you cannot choose what kind of gun to bring to a gunfight, but given the chance, bring one you can shoot well along with a lot of friends…or just say fuck it and don’t show up.
11. Shoot first, shoot fast, shoot well, then communicate and/or move. Unless your partner is an idiot, he or she will know what is going down.
12. Accuracy is relative. No person can outshoot a quality gun. Most “out of the box” quality guns will always be more accurate than you can possibly shoot. Train with and trust your gear!
13. When your gun runs dry, use everything available to your advantage. Do not give up, ever!
14. Use cover or concealment as the situation dictates, but remember when hiding behind cover, you are not DOMINATING the situation.
15. Keep both goddamn eyes open; forget the “academy” firearm instructors. You ain’t shooting for a perfect score…you are shooting to live!
16. If hit, ignore it until you can render self aid, you probably won’t even feel it if you are “into” the fight.
17. Decide to be AGGRESSIVE enough, QUICKLY enough. Indecisiveness and will cause you to die.
18. Remember, there is ALWAYS somebody faster….but age and treachery beat youth and vigor 9 out of 10 times!
19. Some will tell you that “winning” is the goal. Wrong! “Living” is the goal. Discretion is the better part of valor.
20. Be prepared to write a report justifying what and why you did.