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land question
« on: September 27, 2009, 04:03:45 AM »
I am wanting to rent an apartment when I get out of the army in Kansas City and buy a small undeveloped plot of land within reasonable driving distance (two hours one way max) from the city where I can have enough privacy and liberty to build an underground building as a cache site for my preparations. I prefer a place that is on high group to prevent flooding but that is not a necessity. I prefer undeveloped land but would be willing to use developed land. Can anyone help me with this or give me pointers about where to go?

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Re: land question
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2009, 07:35:41 PM »

I have friends in the SE corner of Nebraska and have visited them several times. We have discussed land in that area in depth.

There isn't any undeveloped land to speak of. There are section roads N-S & E-W every mile, and farmland or ranch land on both sides of every inch of it.

All of it is owned by somebody, just like Florida, where I live.

That being said, there are many small farms that have failed because of the economy or the owners dying without heirs.

You can get some super-good deals if you have cash at a farm auction. Just shop around til you find what you like.

Also: there are many successful farms that have little chunks of land--maybe an acre or few--that are not commercially profitable. Maybe a spot with a rocky outcrop that isn't good for wheat, or a ravine that isn't good for combines.

You may be able to scout around and find one, and buy it (with perpetual right of entry) for little more than a song. Or just lease it for 99 years for a token fee.

Farmers like to have neighbors that can pitch in on a grass fire or let them know when a section of fence goes down. Or trespassers come around.

The advantage is not just low price, but also having  "some neighbors, but not too many". No one can survive as an island. Humans need humans--in tolerable dosages.

You could go live out in the Dakota Badlands in the event of a social disaster but you'd wind up having to fill your own teeth and take out your own appendix. There's no one to play Twister with and conversations get dull when thay only have one side.

Underground is a great idea. Nothing beats a tornado bunker in tornado country and no one would think twice about you having one.

But it's nice to be able to look out a window, too, so an old farmhouse might be nice to have.  Especially with one that comes equipped with fully functional storm cellar...

Even if you bunkered up for a year in Dire Straits, you'd still have to come up for air sometime. Having a subsistence farm might be a good way to keep on breathing afterwards.

Just my thoughts. Hope they help.

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Re: land question
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2009, 08:02:29 AM »
I always wanted to buy land north & west of I-29 in the river bluffs. I think its beautiful and you've got good elevation from flood water, it's still level enough to farm or build, plenty of game, good well access. Drive up hwy 45 to Leavenworth and have a look, beautiful in the fall.