Author Topic: Caveman simple, Nomad smart, and the Warrior's will  (Read 4044 times)

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Caveman simple, Nomad smart, and the Warrior's will
« on: November 05, 2008, 05:53:07 PM »
I put this together the other night.

Here are a few ideas on mindset and approach embodied in three different persona that might be of some use or interest…

Please expand on any of this if it’s of value and as always, enjoy…

Caveman simple, Nomad smart, and the will of a Warrior

 “The great questions of the day will be decided not by speeches and majority votes, but by blood and iron.”  - Otto von Bismarck

Take a solid look at what is before you-the composition of your lifestyle, your profession, your “mission”, and your personal responsibilities; take an honest look. Make an objective assessment. What do you truly need to battle the friction in your life and put to the sword any doubts you can conjure up about not achieving success or your end goals?

Be Caveman simple, Nomad smart, and develop the will of a Warrior. You are a predator- a huntsman. Embrace this fundamental part of your being and be alert and connected to your environment through this simple understanding of who you are or can be when you call it forth from your spirit…

 “We're designed to be hunters and we're in a society of shopping.  There's nothing to kill anymore, there's nothing to fight, nothing to overcome, nothing to explore.  In that societal emasculation this everyman is created.”  - David Fincher, FIGHT CLUB

The idea of the Caveman

Consider the Caveman. The Caveman tends to his simple needs of sustenance, tools, and shelter. He always looks to supply the least amount of effort to his endeavors for the needed pay-off; to fail is to perish otherwise.

The Caveman lives a naked existence off what his surroundings offer up and he does more than make do. The caveman thrives. He is alert and watchful by nature. He hunts for his food, crafts and employs the simplest and most effective tools to meet his needs, and lives a life connected to his environment. Often, he works with other cavemen in common interest and shares the bounty of their efforts reciprocally. The caveman recognizes the strength of the hunting pack.

The idea of the Nomad

Like the Nomad- Cultivate the ability to be on the move and search for the simple advantages that aid you in your travels and help you meet your commitments. Understand what’s possible, know what’s probable, and plan your actions accordingly. As a Nomad would, clear the dust from your eyes and develop the clarity needed to act on behalf of your personal interests as well as others in your tribe.

Read the terrain and surroundings with a seasoned eye. Live off the land, but leave little or no trace of your passing. A Nomad is calculated in his course of action and moves with purpose always. He is never reckless in his choices of direction, destination, or the load he carries. His objective is to excel at surviving on the move. A Nomad is not weighed down by possessions or authority.

Know when it is to your benefit to move. Your personal organization and preparation will smooth out the hardships imposed by the distances travelled.

The will of the Warrior

In essence, the Warrior, above all else, supplies effort on demand. The Warrior does not waver or complain about the friction in his life. He uses it.

Violence, privation, and hardship are the domain of every man. What will you do with these gifts?

Violence, hardship, and privation forge an enduring spirit or they put to rest the timid. This spirit of the Warrior must be chiseled and fashioned from the depths of our raw nature and our relentless drive to carry on and conquer any impediment.

Never lose sight of the fact that you are always competing with others for resources.

All of humanity feels victim to their hunger and fears. In the face of the uncertainty set about us, some men do something about it, some just watch and others choose to perish cowering in the face of what preys upon them the most.

Use these examples that the Caveman, Nomad and the Warrior provide…

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Re: Caveman simple, Nomad smart, and the Warrior's will
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2011, 03:07:47 PM »
Thanks! This is great - time to bring it to the front of the forums again.

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Re: Caveman simple, Nomad smart, and the Warrior's will
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2011, 03:41:16 PM »
Well written, thanks for sharing this Swanson. These are words to live by.