Author Topic: Hawaiin shoots knife wielding man on own property, powers arrest him for murder  (Read 1072 times)

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Come on Hawaii!  The guy is threatening him with a knife and refuses to drop it or leave.  What was he supposed to do?  Maybe if you spent less time trying to convict the good guys, you would have more time to do something about the bad guys.  You need to stop this youth knife robbery epidemic.   So glad to live in state with castle doctrine and stand your ground.

Knife threat just latest incident in Kahului area
Discussion among area businesses and government officials forthcoming

Current story:
Honolulu Police investigating deadly shooting in Ewa
The Honolulu Police Department is investigating a deadly shooting that occurred Friday night in Ewa.

A 37-year-old man was shot at 9 p.m. at a property on Aama Place, and passed away at the scene, according to police.

At around 9:15 p.m., 54-year-old Lou Xiong was arrested in connection with the shooting.

Police said, the 37-year-old allegedly came on to Xiong’s property with a knife.

Xiong opened the front door of his home and shot the man, according to investigators.

Xiong claimed the man with the knife did not comply with his order to leave, according to police sources.

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You must know your jurisdiction. My sheriff is a total jerk (Rich Stanek) who literally went to DC to help Obama figure out how to ban guns. He is legally mandated to issue my concealed carry within 30 days. It shows up on the thirtieth day. Heaven help you if you're disabled or trying to protect yourself from an abusive spouse. You can wait that month.

A person could literally email police with their intent to murder my family, show up to my door and begin cutting through with a chainsaw, and be audibly screaming so all the neighbors could hear his intent to eat my still beating heart while raping my daughter and if I shot him I would be tried as a murderer.

By the by having that lawyer on retainer is so important. In the horrible event where you (I) know the state will go full tilt boogie on you for defending your life and bankrupting you in the process only a lawyer can pass documents to you in jail. It's nuts but a lawyer has more rights than a person acting as his/her own council.

These are very serious thoughts one must consider when it comes to self defense. You're going to spend the night in lockup with guys screaming so you got no sleep, fed moldy bologna on Wonderbread, and you're going toe to toe with the DA who wants you dead to rights and had an espresso with his organic duck egg omelet while he had to choose to look at his 30th floor skyline or his wife dancing in lingerie. I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I can see a rigged system.

It's always worth repeating... Take a look at your local legal system and have a lawyer. Know what you will face and have a plan. As Massad Ayoob says a firearm defense is real tough. You're going to court to say not only that you were right to pull the trigger but it would have been wrong not to. And that guy bleeding out in your entry is doing a damn fine job playing the victim and you might get the Mike Nifong treatment.

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Well, the current version of the article says that Lou Xiong was released pending investigation.  He hasn't been charged with anything, although they are treating it as a murder investigation (which makes sense at this point, if all they've got is a dead body and his word for what happened).  I can't find any more recent news.