Author Topic: Firerarms course on using firearms while wrangling children  (Read 2918 times)

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A review of a class called "Contextual Handgun: Armed Parent-Guardian."  A course on how to more effectively employ a handgun when you have carried or ambulatory dependents with you.

The course from the training company's website:

From the description:
"Topics include, but are not limited to;
•Types of attacks
•Avoidance skills
• Handgun terminal ballistics and the importance of accuracy
• One-handed access/shooting skills
• Shooting past/around no-shoots
•Clearing family members from lines of fire
•Best practices for dealing with a close-range assault while loading/unloading children from the vehicle
•Malfunction clearances and more "

It actually sounds like there is a fair amount of rigor to the course.  Sounds fascinating. Considering the various circumstances where a person may have an arm occupied and that you will likely always use a defensive handgun around other people that you DO NOT want to shoot it might be a good course for anyone.  While the website does not state it, I feel like it is not designed for people who have little experience with handguns.