Author Topic: Paul from Philly...happy to help folks learn new skills..  (Read 2208 times)

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Paul from Philly...happy to help folks learn new skills..
« on: October 01, 2013, 08:03:56 PM »
I'm a new member, and havn't been listening too long, but I feel like I'm a good teacher and have a lot I'm happy to pass along.  I was a mechanical engineer for a long time, but worked for myself as a general contractor for about the past 13 years.

I'm probably in a niche because I live in the middle of a major city of Philadelphia. 

As far as my own accomplishments...feels weird to list them...
Grown tons of food in an urban environment.
15+ tree orchard, plus I pick and manage a ton of other peoples fruit trees.
1500 gallon automated rain water irrigation system.
170 proof ethanol "fuel" still.  What do you think I do with all that fruit?
Bees on the roof
Hunting in the city.  Please contact me if your a hunter in the Philly area.
Every aspect of fixing up 100+ year old houses.
Radiant heat flooring.
Wood/coal heat in an urban environment.
Any sort of old wood or metal working machinery.

Still trying to figure out my own goals..but...
Be a great husband and dad for the rest of my life.  I'm blessed in the regard.
Find time/money to fix up our dream home.
The rest of the skills will percolate as need arises