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Advice on Deer Hunting in California
« on: February 01, 2014, 02:10:16 PM »
My daughter and her boyfriend moved from Arizona to California at the first of the year and they want me to take them deer hunting.  They can't afford an out-of-state hunting trip here in Oregon ($540 each) and would like me to hunt with them down there to show them how to hunt (they've never hunted before). 

I got on the California website and can only find fee's for "licenses" and tag "applications" for deer ($329.32 total for nonresident).  Is there no extra fee to buy the tag (just the application fee)?  Is it hard to get a tag for a northern California deer hunt, meaning is it like Oregon where you have to have points to draw most tags?  And is there plenty of public land to hunt on?

They are willing to drive up north from southern California and meet me in the middle from where I live in Oregon.  Can anyone give me a public area to go scout this summer for deer that's not too far off the border?