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Next Level Training
« on: April 25, 2013, 04:09:24 PM »
A big thank you to Greg and Debra at Next Level Training.  I had ordered a SIRT kit and the info in the box said it was to have a carring case.  I left a message with their customer service and waited for a call or email back.  "I knew they were busy due to their web site saying there is a 3-4 week wait for the kits." So I waited a week to hear back.  Nada..  So I called again and the voice mail box was full...yikes..  OK, so I call again and this time think..hey I will try sales, they always want to take a call.  ;)
Voice mail, though it was not full.  I left another message and said I was wanting to get customer service, but their vm was full.  About an hour later Greg called and explained the situation.  Yes, they were still very busy with all their orders, and said that they stopped shipping the case in Jan due to others saying they did not end up using it. "makes sort of sense to me, tho I rather be able to take their case anywhere without having to worry about loaded firearms"
I explained that the sheet did say it came with a case, but understood their reason.  He that is OK, that they would take care of me and get one shipped out.  Greg said he would have Debra follow up to get my info and ship the case to me.  Debra did call and got my info, and the case arrived two days later.
So a big THANK YOU to Greg and Debra for their super customer service.  :clap:
As for the SIRT, I think it is a great product and will help anyone with training their trigger muscle.