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My progress so far
« on: March 29, 2013, 08:56:27 AM »
So, my biggest goal is to keep organized and I have to say I have finally gotten in a "habit" of keeping it all where it goes. I used to work till the last minute, drop everything and after a week or 2 of that I'd have a mess!! So I'd then spend a day cleaning it all up and repeat!
Finally I have been just staying aware of where I'm putting things as I'm working and after a few months of this it has turned into a habit and I do it without thinking!! I'm almost ready to call that goal completed!!

My other goal of getting off processed foods is coming along. I just got 2 Buff Columbian Brahma hens and 1 has just started laying, still waiting on the other, so I'll have fresh eggs from a real chicken!!

I have my seedlings growing away and I'm planning on having enough of a harvest that I can preserve enough to get me through till next summers garden starts producing!! I'm joining Marjory Wildcraft on a goal of canning 6 months of tomatoes sauce. I'm growing 20 Roma Tomatoes!!

So that is about where I stand on the goals so far. I think the next thing I'm going to focus on is getting my bedroom remodeled and then the wife will unshackle me and I can work on my garden and taxidermy more!!