Author Topic: My 13 skills to learn and my 6 most important!  (Read 1464 times)

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My 13 skills to learn and my 6 most important!
« on: January 11, 2013, 10:10:19 PM »
In the upcoming weeks and months I'll be posting progress reports to let others keep track of me, cause I'm so interesting!! J/K
Seriously though, it is to just through out there what I'm up to and how I'm coming along mainly so I can keep focused on what I am doing. If I have to tell you guys my progress it will make me crack down and stick to the plan.
My 13 skill goals are


Organization, seems stupid but it screws me up a lot!!

Curing and smoking meat.



Mushroom cultivation


Food storage

Knife making

Snare setting



Blade sharpening



Automobile maintenance

So I picked a couple extra because some are kinda the same, like trapping and snare setting or knife making and blade sharpening. Those for me are going to be part of the same process.
Out of these I'm picking 6 to get started on first.
The spirituality is my first thing because it is something that I need to just get up in the mornings and do and stick with.
Organization is another biggy for me! I take on a lot of projects and in the past they have gotten pretty bogged down and cluttered! Making it a rule to pick it all up and put it away at the end of the day!
Entrepreneurship, I'm in the process of starting a taxidermy business and got my first fox fur in the mail. I'll be mounting it up and probably putting it in the Utah taxidermy contest in February!!
Snare setting, I have a dozen snares that I'm going to start putting out in about 3 weeks!!
Nutrition, I have started working out at home and am going to keep with it till I join the gym once trapping season ends. My biggest goal with this is to be 100% off of processed foods by mid summer, once my garden is producing!!
Curing/smoking meats I want to be able to do this in case of a power lose. If I have a quarter of beef in the freezer and the power goes out long term I'll need to be able to preserve it!!

Those are my biggest goals that I'm in the process of working to complete.
This weekend I'll be working on sculpting 3 mannikin's for my taxidermy.
Looking into setting up a blog for my taxidermy and advertising.

My future posts will be updates as I make progress toward 01-01-2013 when I will have completed all my skill goals and am starting a new list!!