Author Topic: wetland/swale from existing pond project  (Read 5211 times)

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wetland/swale from existing pond project
« on: September 15, 2011, 07:19:09 PM »
I recently installed a wetland and a swale to collect water from any overflow from my existing pond, and I thought you'd like to see it.  The only thing i had to buy for this project was the liner I installed in the wetland. All other materials came from my yard. I had fun doing this project and it only took me a day and a half, about 8 hours total. Below is a picture description with captions. If you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them. This is pretty much, my first Permaculture type project, besides the rain collector before I knew what Permaculture was.

The pond and tall grass I will use for the project

After I cut down the grass

Dug a hole about 3' wide x 4' long x 3' deep

Laid down a pond liner and put the tall grass that I had just cut down into the hole

Placed small rocks into the overflow point so the fish won't swim through

After several layers of tall grass, dirt, and grass clippings, the wetland is blending right into the swale

Another layer of grass clippings

Final layer of dirt (the only layer I put on the swale)

The berm on the down hill side of the slope

I overflowed my pond into the wetlands

Wetlands fed into the swale, just as I planned

One more layer of grass clippings to finish her off

Added some elephant ear leave on the future garden to keep weeds down until I sheet mulch

Finished product... for now

The pond, wetland, swale and garden are all now working together. I've created an entirely new micro-climate in my backyard

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Re: wetland/swale from existing pond project
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2011, 10:58:18 AM »
That is fantastic! Shows that you can do ton's of stuff in a relatively small area. Very nice and lots of great ideas.

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Re: wetland/swale from existing pond project
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2011, 12:08:32 PM »
Great photos!  Thanks for sharing and welcome to TSP!

Doc K