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« on: September 27, 2010, 05:30:13 PM »
Met the owners Bonnie & Randy at the Mother Earth news fair.
 First, I have to say their booth was crowded and a few people thick. (When I find a product I am highly intrigued with at major events like this, I have this thing I do.) I like to watch people interact with others so I can get a feel on wether or not they are "sales sharks". I stood back & observed others trying out the mill before trying it myself. I Listened & watched how the owners  & their young adult children interacted with everyone. Not once did I see them unhappy. Tired yes (poor things). But you can see the sincere humble pride and dedication within their actions and words. I grabbed a pamphlet and made note to stop in the next (& last day) of the big event.

Getting to the point, I am now owner of one of their great 100% AMERICAN made (in Montanna at that) Grain mills. They were very accommodating, patient and informative. The "wife" owner mentioned they also have layaway to work with people. They strongly feel that everyone should have access to fresh organic grains for the health of ones family. Wow! I was lost for words. This is not credit card interest style. This is sincere we want you to be able to have one for yourself without taking your first born sincerity.
The mill was on special at the event but the pamphlet has it normal priced at $425 -before any other charges or accessories such as a table clamp. You have a choice to buy the clamp. Which is nice since most people want to be able to bolt it to a table or work station.  I have to say after seeing many mills at certain stores of similar looks, the quality & ease with this one shines.  You are paying for an item that can outlast you and be able to pass it on to future generations (with proper care during it's use of course).
When/if you call, you will most likely get one of the owners. You can order their mill at the website I shared above and read more for yourself about their little company/operation. I am overjoyed with what I have found in this company. The flour/grain mill so far is amazing. ( you also get a 5 lb bag of Prairie Gold hard white spring wheat grains for instant play time after purchasing.) I do not forsee any issues.

Depending on how fine you want it (dial turned all the way to fine is hard to do but c'mone. How often are ya going to do that extra fine flour with large seeds? I did the corn on a fine setting. wheat on a fine setting and can not recall what the other one was but it was not as hard as other reviews online have made it out. I read the pamphlet as soon as possible so I could play with my new toy! (It seems many skip and then complain about how defunct an item is due to their mistake of not reading the manual).
If your in the market for a grain mill, I highly recommend checking this small family owned AMERICAN company. Not a single piece of their mill is made anywhere else but in their small shop. Remember, small companies like this may have delays but that is what happens when you take the time needed to make a great quality crafted item and not have a mass produced big faceless factory item.
Hope this helps for anyone looking into this area. I had not heard of them before and am very happy we crossed paths.
Happy Grinder shopping!

P.S It has a fly wheel with a "canal" for adding your own bike pulley to it for excercise/read a book while you grind grain...or in my case have the kids see who can grind the most of what I want 8) .