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More useful tips from my training materials...



Tony Scotti

TIP: When entering a parking lot, or more particularly a parking structure, whether in daylight or after dart, be aware of other people in the area with you.

TIP: When returning to your car, check it carefully as you approach. A trick popular among thieves and rapists is to plug the exhaust pipe of your car. Back pressure in the exhaust system prevents the engine from starting.

TIP: Another trick is to deflate the offside front tire, something that is not readily noticeable. The thief or rapist then waits for you to leave the car to check the tire. If you don’t trust the surroundings or see suspicious people nearby, you’re better off to drive with a flat tire to a safe location to check it or have it fixed.

TIP: Have the key to the door lock in your hand and ready when you approach the car, if not always when walking. Use a flashlight on your key chain to light the lock. Open the door quickly, slide inside and lock the door immediately.

TIP: If you are carrying packages, put them down on the ground, trunk deck or hood while you unlock the door. Be aware of your surroundings as you do so. If someone approaches, leave the packages outside, slide inside and sound the horn.

TIP:  If you find your car will not start, or the tire is flat, stay inside with the door locked. Use that cellular phone to call for help and wait inside until the repair truck arrives.

TIP: If the tire is flat and someone you do not know approaches the car and offers to help, speak to him or her through the closed window. If they insist you open the door, drive away; a ruined tire and rim is a small price to pay for your safety. If your car will not start, sound the horn until the person leaves.

TIP: If you do not have a cellular phone, wait until several people are in the lot before unlocking your door and going for help. Again, be aware of your surroundings.

TIP: Consider a car alarm that has a “panic” mode. These can trigger the alarm to sound from a distance of up to 100 feet. They can also trigger the alarm if you’re inside the car.


The following general safety measures will also help you avoid muggings, purse-snatching and sexual assaults.

?         Avoid walking through deserted streets, alleys and unpopulated parks. Try to avoid unfamiliar areas.

?         Walk nearer to the curb, away from bushes, doorways and fences, which provide cover for someone who is stalking a victim.

?         Always remain within lighted areas at night.

?         Never accept rides from strangers. (Sounds obvious, but people still do it!)

?         If you must go out alone at night, tell someone where you're going and when you expect to return.

?         Wait for buses, taxis and trains in well-lighted, well-populated areas. If given a choice, don't board a bus or train if there are no other passengers. If you must board a bus or train without passengers, sit up front near the driver or conductor, but not in an inside seat next to the window. You do not want someone to come in and trap you in your seat.

?       If you must wait for the train in a deserted station, stand well back from the edge of the platform.

?       If you job, walk, or bike, vary your routes and times, avoiding isolated trails. If possible, go with a partner. Again, let someone know your route and when to expect your return.

?         Leave the jewelry and headphones home. If you jog before dawn or after dark, wear reflective clothing.

?         Use your intuition. If you feel uneasy about a person or place, avoid it.

?         Carry identification inside your shoe, as well as change for a phone call.