Author Topic: Secret passages, hidden caches, trap doors, etc for survivalists  (Read 95253 times)

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Re: Secret passages, hidden caches, trap doors, etc for survivalists
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What I have done is in the area where the hvac comes in is a half bath. Size space at the top of the stairs. A lot of duct work in there so I have purchased additional pieces of duct and installed them so they look legit and go. Into the attic in both directions.

If you go into the attic you don't see them because they don't. Go through the wall completely to that side. In the hvac room they do go into the wall. A inspector would know but even a thief taking his time wouldn't know unless he was closely inspecting the hvac lines.

Inside is where I store my gold and silver and "just in case" emergency cash

I also have taken old heat registers and installed bottoms on them cut out the fins. Jb weld the flap shut and then install them in closets or behind. Tv stands etc. Can hide precious metals in there as well.

Fake septic piping also works to hide stripped down weapons. I actually have fully installed them with pvc glue and left a small notch on both ends to know where to cut with a sawzall and not hit any parts.  This is not good for things you want quickly but I doubt the thief or agent who will be cutting open sewage lines to look for things.

I also knew a guy you bought an old outhouse that was rotting but still structurally sound. He dug a pit. Concrete formed itthen installed a door over it.  Hid a bunch of stuff directly below it. It wasn't wider than the outhouse so ground radar wouldn't pick it up unless it was inside.

He threw old toilet paper down the. Grease from the kitchen over the years to give the rancid smell and a few actual dumpings to build up the cover. There was a rebar hook to hold onto. In case of shtf it would be dug up and opened. Def not a safe room persay but a break in case of shtf thing. Don't know too many people that want to dig through an old outhouse hole!