Author Topic: Hardware store sale and wiring the compound.  (Read 1411 times)

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Hardware store sale and wiring the compound.
« on: December 03, 2009, 11:59:38 PM »
Went down to the local True Value to check out their Christmas sale and came home with some bargain handy-stuff-for-around-the-compound.

First, I got a 2 D cell LED flashlight, with batteries...but wait, there's more...the package includes a bonus crank light. Both work great although the crank light is really only good for finding one's way to the crapper in the middle of the night. It won't hold back any ghosts, that's for sure. 

Next I picked up a million power rechargeable spotlight. Charges on AC or 12V auto battery. It even has a small LED light built on the front which is also good for finding the crapper without blistering the wallpaint. Interesting design point: an AC plug is built in so you use any old extension cord to recharge it.

Last but not least, they had a really cool invention. It's an extension cord with 3 outlets that operates with a little remote control. My plan is to use it to power some floodlights in the back yard around the garden. If I hear any strange noises I can click the lights on from inside the house. I was going to use motion detectors but the small critters around here would have them flashing on and off all night. I'm more concerned about the larger night raiders that may start appearing as the economic situation deteriorates, if you get my drift.

My brother also gave me a couple of wireless electronic alarms. I set one up across the front of the house so I get a beep now when someone approaches the car port. I think I'll get another remote control cord and set up some lights out front too.

Geez, I could automate the whole area. Plug a tape recorder in the other outlet so it plays the sound of a shotgun being primed, then a voice saying "Lay down your weapons and put your hands on your head."   ;D