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Disaster planning
« on: October 30, 2009, 02:41:31 PM »
I am putting together a template to write up the "story" behind the disasters most likely to impact my family.  By story I mean documenting what could happen, how it would affect us, what we need to be prepared for this type of event, and how to know when the event is over.  Here are the items I currently have.  What other questions do you think could be answered?  The goal of this is to identify what the most likely events are and determine my prep plan based on Jack's 'Disaster Commonality.'

Event Type:
Event Scope:
Likelihood (1-5, 1 being most likely, 5 being movie disaster):
Expected range of duration:
Bug In or Out:
Bug out trigger:
BOB content needed:
BOV content needed:
Minimum Bug Out distance:
# Meals needed:
Minimum gallons of drinking water needed:
Other non-food/water consumables that would be used during event:
Return to normal trigger:
How to test preps:
Safety/Security Concerns: