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Title: Teaching Daughter to Sew
Post by: TxMom on March 31, 2011, 12:41:41 PM
I admit.  I avoid the sewing machine.  I can sew, but without a dedicated sewing area and a better machine, I avoid sewing.  I'd rather be out in the garden.  Yet at times I love that you can design your own clothes, make create whatever you want.   

Last fall one of my daughters (17) decided she wanted a dress for a formal dance.  She found a dress online she loved but wanted a few things different.  She asked if such could be sewn and could I show her how to do so.

Sewing has never been one of her priorities.  She has a very busy schedule.  School days she leaves the house before 6am and often not home until 5:30 or later in the evening.  She is on the school's swim team, does very well, takes AP classes in high school, active in church, takes care of rabbits (pets which provide me with compost), works as an usher occasionally at local theater, favorite class is architecture design.  But sure, I'll teach her to sew.

We shop for patterns similar to what she found online.  Can't find the exact thing.  Patterns are on sale and we found 2 that if we use parts of each we can get want she wanted.  Shopped for material.  Hard part is changing the pattern to compensate for her muscular shoulders (swim) and still have a slim waist.  Another hard part is she wanted a lace overlay on part of the bodice.  Not the best first project, esp. with a flaky machine. She couldn't believe how much $ was saved by making her own.  She starts sewing, then decides not to go to the dance, didn't need the dress anytime soon.  She put it away. 

Now I was tempted to nag, make her finish the job over Christmas holidays, etc.  but I wanted it to be her project. 

This week she came down with a cold/flu, ran few 2 days.  Second day she started feeling better.  It'd be nice if I had that dress finished for the swim banquet Friday, she said.  Can you help me?

So I cleared out some time and sat down to help her.  It may not be ready by Friday.  She may have to wear something else.  She thought it could be just whipped up in a few hours. 

She sewed for hours, needed quite a bit of help, teaching her what to do.  This morning when she left for school, she said she hated going back to school.  It was very nice staying home and sewing the dress.  My favorite part is when she said it was so much better than just sitting there playing computer games or watching TV.   :)   

Not sure how the dress will turn out, or if it'll be finished on time, but a cool project just the same.

Yes, it'd be easier if she had a smaller project to start with, maybe an apron or something.  But it had to be her idea, something she wanted to create.  Works!
Title: Re: Teaching Daughter to Sew
Post by: monkeyboyf on April 05, 2011, 09:51:44 PM
Bless you for being supportive and not pushing for her to finish her project.  She will feel real pride when she finishes her creation.  I love sewing, knitting, crochet, and HATE embroidery.  My mother made me learn by doing pillow case borders and those damn Mon-Sunday tea towels everyone had back then. To this day my skin crawls when I see embroidery floss, lol. What do you think I got for Christmas from a dear cousin? A set of those tea towels with the very same patterns from my childhood. Just gritted my teeth and said "thank you.  :D
Title: Re: Teaching Daughter to Sew
Post by: Morning Sunshine on April 06, 2011, 08:14:52 AM
my mom was a great seamstress.  so, my way of sewing was thus:
stat project - cut out; sew easy parts; oops- mom, I cannot quite get this, can you help me; she finishes project.  ;D

so, my 7-yo is taking a sewing class, and her teacher is very impressed with her skill, for a 7-yo.  I like this teacher - she has had just small easily finished projects for the girls, but they are comprehensive skills: button holes on first day, zipper purse on second class, etc.  I am very impressed.
Title: Re: Teaching Daughter to Sew
Post by: TxMom on April 06, 2011, 11:29:15 PM
Yes, I think it makes a big difference whether it is your project or one forced on you.  Don't think I could make a bunch of tea towels.   I don't see why our kids wouldn't be different.  After she wore the dress one of her friends said cool, will you be making a new one next year?

She was very happy that she was able to do zipper herself.  Not perfect, but it worked. There is a place on the back neckline that needs fixing, about a 1/4inch higher on one side than the other, she ran out of time.

Morning Sunshine  I'm impressed too!  Great for any age, esp. at 7.
Title: Re: Teaching Daughter to Sew
Post by: Morning Sunshine on April 07, 2011, 08:16:27 AM
I am hoping that she will be able to make anything she wants by the time she is 16.