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airguns are considered "firearms"

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Well, this depends on who is defining it.  In Texas, according to the Penal Code (the one that gets you thrown in jail and the one most cops know well) a firearm is only a weapon shooting a projectile using the force of a chemical reaction (ie, gunpowder).  However, the game wardens rules define a firearm as anything capable of shooting a projectile, so airguns fall under that.  The Penal code would likely classify an airgun as a deadly weapon if it were used as such.  Each state has it's own laws.  You have to be aware of how they are applied to the situation you are using the gun in.  State statutes are very easy to find online.

ALL airguns are considered firearms in New Jersey with the exception of paintball guns and require a permit for purchase but only in a few places can a kid go outside and shoot a BB/pellet gun without some twitchy neighbor calling for a JTTF reaction team to arrest the "ARMED GUNMAN" shooting cans and squirrels

In Massachusetts BB guns and pellet guns are not concidered firearms. There is a specific statute that covers air guns. If a person is 18 or older there is no permit needed to purchase or possess one. An Attorney General Advisory Opinion advises that Air Soft guns are BB guns. Massachusetts case law has decided that paint ball guns are not BB guns. Persons under 18 cannot possess one unless they are supervised by an adult or possess a valid hunting license and a permit issued by the chief of police.

Here's asite that has a compiled listing of Federal and State laws/restrictions concerning airguns as of October 28, 2013.

In MI if it's .22 cal or larger it's a "firearm". I was checking out airguns on various sites and they won't ship the .22 cal one's to MI.

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Paintball guns are excluded from law.


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