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Local Barter and Support Groups (Topic Idea)

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On one of TSP shows, Jack mentioned the concept of getting together with local like minded individuals.  The reasoning being that it might be a lot easier to build trust in a non-stressful time, then when there is stress.  The problem I have with this is that generally if you even mention preparing for anything more severe than a 12 hour power outage, you get a typical raised eyebrow response.  Ever since listening to that show I've been wondering what would be a good way for individuals to meet in the real world without compromising sensitive personal information.

The beauty of the internet makes it easy for me to share knowledge with someone in Idaho, but if they have extra nails and I have extra carrots, it is difficult for the two of us to get together and trade them even when there is an abundance of oil, UPS, etc...

Even statewide lists would not function too well.  Here in Michigan, someone in the upper part of the state is easily 12 hours from someone in the lower part of the state.  Not a convenient distance to travel if times are tough.

Any ideas?

I have been trying to mull this problem around as well.  I agree totally with the subject of preparedness.  Usually you get the "look".  And we are talking about just storing months of food.  Nothing else. 

Don't start out with preparedness, start with something simple like "anyone interested in bartering?  Here's what I have to trade"

See if there's any market for a local bartering system.  I think you'll find there will always be someone willing to trade, it might be a small community but a small community of people is a start in the right direction.

Something else you could try is a barter day.  Set a schedule & maybe find a central location where a group of like minded individuals could meet & trade their goods.  It might also be a good idea to make a list, something like auctions do, to let everyone know what people will be bringing to trade.  This could be a larger venue & given enough lead time could even be a state wide event with preparedness minded folks from all over getting involved.  Make it a semi-annual or annual venue, if there is a lot of interest you could even make more frequent smaller barter days based on regional locations.

I plant an heirloom organic garden every year.  I buy my seeds from a place outside Springfield, MO but I'd love to get together with other gardeners & BS, trade seeds & just talk gardening shop talk.  Think along those lines.

Shoot, if anyone else is in southern Missouri I'd consider working on a bartering co-op.  Sounds like a great idea.

My husband and I have been really fortunate in that we HAVE found people that share the same preparedness philosophy that we've got, but it didn't come quickly.  For us, they key has been building one - on - one relationships, one relationship at a time, and we've found these type of people differently.  For example: there is a guy my husband works with who he and his wife are into preparedness, and we gotten to know a married couple down the street who think like we do.   We've developed deep friendships with these couples and we trust them; we've made a pact with both couples to help each other out during times of distress.

Suggestions on meeting people like this? 
1.  Look at people you currently deal with on a daily or weekly basis: neighbors, coworkers, church or other community groups.  These are typically people you've known long enough to know what their values are, what they're like, and how they live.
2.  Look at other groups outside your normal area of contact.  For example, meet people at your local farmer's market.  Many of the folks at my local farmers market grow their own stuff and know how to live off the land and may be more prone to thinking about preparedness or survival.
3.  Look at people in your community who are in the community preparedness line of work and seek input from them.  There may be a community watch program or other community involvment types of programs that you may be able to get involved in meet people of the same mind. 

Just some thoughts.  Hope this helps. 

I was pretty hesitant to build relationships with other survivalist at first... but I figured out that we would need each other in a SHTF scenario. Other than friends that dont think Im crazy there isnt really anyone local that I have connected with. I do have some kinda friends that work a beef farm close by that are going to let me come out and see what they do on any given day.


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