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Anybody here (or relatives/acquaintances) been hit by Cov-19?

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Yup, a close friend of mine got it and it was not really the nicest thing I have ever seen... he had fever, was coughing hard for 3-4 days. He didn't get any special medication, he took some paracetamol and drank a lot of natural immune boosters ( for example such : ). He got better for 3-4 days, but had to stay home for 14 days....

Morning Sunshine:
good friends down the hill from us.  I saw the husband on Saturday.  His kids had gone back to school for one week, then that weekend they went down to Wife's family for a funeral and hanging out.  They returned home on Sunday evening, and Monday morning someone in the extended family tested positive, so more people tested and many of the attendies tested positive.  He kept the kids home from school, and wife got a fever and really sick.  Then him and the kids.  They did NOT get tested; he didn't want to add to the official count, but with their illness and the rest of the extended family, they are sure they had it also.  A week of not feeling well, and then they were done and they kept the kids home for another 2 weeks and they moved back into their regular lives.


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