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Anybody here (or relatives/acquaintances) been hit by Cov-19?

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I think the virus had a go at me in mid-May this year, I've highlighted in red the symptoms I had-

At first I thought it might be the flu or something (I'm 72 years old), but as I wasn't short of breath I decided to ride it out without going to the doctor.. 8)
One of the symptoms I had was conjunctivitis which I've never had before in my life and that's when I suspected it could be Cov-19 because the virus can stick to our eyeballs and invade the rest of the body from there-

All the symptoms mostly cleared up after a week or two but even now 4 months later I still get an occasional touch of sniffly nose, bit of a headache and tiredness.
Hopefully the virus has recognised that I'm one of the tough "Rock Legend Generation" and has more or less given up on me..:)


We had it in our place in June.  Son in-law working away from home, came in for Father’s Day weekend.   He’d been wearing masks. Washing hands. Social distancing. But had to also work.  He began with chills body aches and low fever.  Felt really crappy for 5 days. Began to recover with lots of naps in quarantine camper, hot tea for sore throat, Tylenol for low fever and body aches. Took some theraflu.  He arrived Thursday eve.  By Monday morning he was at health unit  and got tested locally.  It took 10 days to get the results of positive.  Yikes.  Soon after my daughter and one child in the house ran low fever body aches.  The child (12) was only symptoms 2 days my daughter about 5 days.  Daughter lost her sense of taste and smell.  The other child (11) my husband and I were symptom free. We all got tested ASAP.  All tested negative.  But daughter is certain she had it too. Due to the taste and smell issues.  Mostly for us ot was a mild case.  We all became more careful of social distancing and locked down any town visits or visits with anyone for 2 weeks.  Son in law came back a couple weeks later with fresh test results negative. He went for testing there after anytime he would come back form his out of state job.   

Yeah it affects different people in different ways, for example I never actually lost my sense of taste and smell, but things definitely smelt and tasted differently..:)

My cousins and their kids caught it.  They were all sick for about a week.  During that week, each of them had a single day where they were extremely sick, but it was not horrible for any of them.

Just found out that one of my sisters has family members who are sick with it... she is a nurse, so hopefully will know how to quarantine them at home such that they don't infect the entire family... so far it is two nephews and her husband that are sick.


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