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covid crash ?

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David in MN:
It's important to notice a couple big points here. First, the spending debate was something like a choice between $3 and $6 trillion, we're currently in a debate on $3 trillion more for the Post Office and whether mail-in voting could even work. So there is no fiscal hawk in the conversation.

Second, there is kind of a jerk move being played between state and federal here. If your state stops your business it's not exactly like it's your fault that you stopped making money. Enter the feds who dumped massive amounts of money in "stimulus" to fix this shortfall but it's all pork and even the business loans come with so much red tape it hardly seems worth doing.

We're kind of left with a patchwork of industries who won the game (Amazon, Walmart), industries who lost (airlines, hotels, fine dining), and those still trying to limp through. Trouble is that with all the new debt on the books we really need GDP growth that might not bounce back as quick.

And with regard to COVID lockdowns, bear in mind we're about 5 months in to a 2 week lockdown. So good luck making predictions.


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