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Miscellaneous side-effects of the COVID-19 situation

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Mr. Bill:
This topic is for news that is related to the coronavirus but not about the coronavirus.

Forest Service pauses prescribed fire across pacific northwest

--- Quote ---The USDA Forest Service is pausing all spring prescribed fire efforts on national forest lands across the states of Oregon and Washington.

“We care deeply about our communities across the region and didn’t want to risk introducing smoke from prescribed fire into communities that may be affected by COVID-19,” said John Giller, Director of Fire and Aviation Management for the Pacific Northwest Region of the USDA Forest Service. “With this pause, we can better protect those who may also be in higher-risk groups for COVID-19, such as the elderly and those with underlying respiratory conditions.”

While frequent, low-intensity fire is essential to the long-term health of many northwest forests and communities, employee and public safety remains the top priority.

The Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region contains 17 National Forests, a National Scenic Area, a National Grassland, and two National Volcanic Monuments, all within the States of Oregon and Washington.
--- End quote ---

Difficult decision.  Hard to know how that will impact smoke levels during the summer wildfire season.

the whining and complaining about having to stay at home.

I don't know a SINGLE soul who doesn't say 'oh, if i only had more time, i'd XXXX'.  And now that they've been given that 'gift', they are complaining about it.  Like they say in Texas, 'some people would b*tch if ya hung 'em with a new rope'. 

David in MN:
The confusion is something that has been tough. Wisconsin made all state parks free so people could go for a walk. Chicago banned walking on the waterfront. Californians must isolate unless you're homeless and then all bets are off. Minnesota did a "lockdown" and we don't even know what that means. They're making up rules by the day. My city passed an emergency act so that city hall can close the freeway. What would that provide?

It iss nice to hear that many civic people like Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo are starting to say that we need to start having a multi-tier approach and start wrapping our heads around how to manage based on age, wellness, and really get a feeling for how many of us already had the Wuhan flu. And maybe the best choices for New York and Iowa are different.

I'm sympathetic that it's a difficult situation but we need an accurate assessment and a clear policy.

Leading through ambiguity.

For us as citizens, we need to have mental bins for  "information" and "action items."

The rules for social distancing in your area are action items.  CDC guidance on the nuts and bolts of preventing spread (distsnces, disinfecting procedures, etc) are action items.  You use the second to help you make decisions in conjunction with the first.  There are things that are in accordance with the first that are probably not prudent...choose not to do them.

What the rules are in places you are not in, its just information. Dont worry about it unless you are talking to someone there about what you should do.

I think the growing awareness that different places need different procedures is indeed heartening

David in MN:
Some things are downright confusing. Like the retrospect of 'maybe we should have cancelled Mardi Gras' or 'when do we close the NYC subway?'

Other things are just bizarre like the state of California shutting down the courts. So in Cali you don't have a right to a speedy trial anymore and if you get picked up for some stupid misdemeanor you get to wait 60 days in county lockup?

Then there's how many hundred millions learning on the fly how to homeschool.

Yup, there's a lot of strange things that we are learning. I've heard people who are saying that handshakes are a thing of the past. Well we adopted the handshake to prove we had no concealed weapons. Us Germans click glasses because as our beers slosh into one anothers' glass to prove we're not poisoning anyone. Even the military salute is a standby from knights lifting visors (look at a Brit salute if you doubt). I think a lot of centuries old traditions might die out.


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