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CNN Story on prepping to send to new Coronavirus preppers


Prepper Rob:
Greetings Form Members

Here is a good fair and balanced story that CNN International did on the new interest in prepping due to the coronavirus.

Consider sending this to your left wing friends and family who are now asking questions about prepping due to coronavirus

A story coming from CNN and voluntary or government suggested quarantine hopefully should erase any negative stereotypes about prepping from there minds.


The left is turning out to be easier for me to convince than the right, strangely enough.

At the story, "...  At home, the 29-year-old has rations for two or three months, about 84 liters of water, blankets, candles, live chickens, spare oil for his car, a first-aid kit and a BOB (or portable survival kit) packed with a flashlight and freeze-dried food...."

84 liters is around 22 gallons.  Less than one month of water.  I guess then it does not matter that he has so little food...


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