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Use of Airsoft in Modern Survival

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Hey Darklen I agree with everything you say except that...

Paintball does leave a mark but you wouldn't believe the lengths people go to in order to "bend" the rules. (Cheat).
Sportsmanship is sportsmanship and that's all there is too it, play clean, play fair or go home.
I have been to pretty much all levels of the Paintball world. I have Managed fields and stores, played in many tournaments and refereed more games than I wish to count.
I was invited to "try out" for a team that became the #1 team in the world a few years ago. I turned it down. Partly
because of my schedule but mostly because a big part of the game at that level, and I'll probably get flack for this, is wiping and playing through hits - Homey don't play that.
It's a bit harder now with the Speedball, Xball and such but it's a fact. And by no means do I mean all players do it, but it is there.

But Airsoft and Paintball are very similar and do offer benefits and yes do agree it is easier to get away with cheating in Airsoft.
I think Airsoft has the edge for realistic training/preparation due to the fact that the "guns" are close to the real things making it better at familiarity with real firearms but the core concepts are the same.

And winter games are great, cold, but great.


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