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beeman falcon 1 not firing

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Hey guys how's everybody
 I bought a Beeman Falcon 1 and I think I already figured out the problem I was reading the break barrel cocking hard and they said not to dry fire it
Not sure if mine uses the air spring thing ( sorry )

Everything was fine I took the stock off to modify when put back together the
Safety sear? Would stick over the trigger just enough to make it not able to pull so I put a tiny pin in the side to keep
It back out of the way
Everything seems to work fine except the pellet doesn't move at all

I can't find any diagrams to even begin to know if a part is missing or why.....

I guess I should come clean
I tried to mold a dart but the head was to big .I had to remove it with a steel rod ,it popped out very easily so I don't know if this caused the problem or not

Any info or manuals, diagrams,links would be greatly appreciated

Thanks steyr223 Rob

Come on guys I know I'm a noob to this form
But........well .............can u even point me in the he right direction
I am dieing to play with this my stock modification came out really good
Which is rare for me anytime I touch wood
Thanks steyr223 rob

It is a holiday and traffic is light today.
As much as I know about guns I know nothing about Spanish air rifles.

There is quite a lot of gun talk here, but you may need to go to an air rifle forum.

Ditto.  I know nothing of air rifles.

Love watching SQUIRREL HUNTER on youTube, and som South African chap, but know not a bit more than that.

Thanks guys I thought this was an airgun board but I guess not a form dedicated to that just a side interest
Cool thanks for the tip I will look
Steyr223 Rob


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