Author Topic: Benjamin Trail NP XL1500 Review and Lessons Learned, Faster is not Better  (Read 4507 times)

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Why I wanted an air gun and what I expected from an air gun

To shoot in areas close to houses
To shoot varmints, specifically gophers and rabbits
To shoot as far as possible accurately
Cost 300 or less
To shoot as economically as possible

What I didn’t want

To deal with air tanks or co2 cartridges

For these reasons, especially the accuracy at distance,  I decided on a .177 over a .22 or 25   I knew I would be giving up knock down power but was willing to sacrifice it over long range accuracy.

What I got

Terrible trigger ( heavy and creepy)
Very inaccurate even at 25 feet- in my research I found that when a pellet travels much over 900fps they spiral. I wish I would have done more research before my purchase.

But all is not lost, because I own it I’m determined to make the best of it, my goal now it to slow it down by getting heavier pellets. I purchased an assortment and set out to shoot them all to find which ones shoot better. So far I have improved accuracy quite a bit (2 inch groups at 50 feet)
I also found a trigger fix which was a huge improvement and makes it at least bearable to shoot,  and this probably won’t be an issue as I get more trigger time and thus get used to it.
More to come as I get more trigger time.