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Just thought I'd start a thread to post airsoft pics. Here's some I took today:

Me posing for a pic. I don't own any cammies, but I still play as well as the guys that own them.

A pic of how dense the woods are we play in. It's almost jungle thick. Sometimes you walk right past people.

Some of the guys I play along side, getting ready for the day

A close up of some of the guns we use. I like playing with that shotgun. There is something raw and primal about it.

Pardon me for not seeing this thread sooner.

Where do you play at? Is that private property or a public field? Looks like a great place to play!

We play on a 10 acre lot in Indiana. It's a private field. We usually have about 6-10 guys play every sunday. There's even a house there that we can practice breaching. I really enjoy it.

Rock on guys!!! That looks great!!

If you'd like to check out our pics and vids visit our site at

Well, I have a crap load of game pics I can link to if anyone is interested. Here's a shot of me from a game last weekend in Olds, Alberta. 104 players doing a huge Capture the Flag scenario (7 "flag" bases) on a 35 acre paintball field that ran from 6pm to midnight. Sun went down around 10:30pm, so we were pretty much shooting at shadows unless players had comms. and used them.

I like to try to learn something from every game, even just a plastic slinging fest like this one. I learned there are still people, young and old, who do not have integrity (don't call hits) and need to be "encouraged" to become honest. I learned I prefer my 5.11 FLASH undershirt over my Underarmor equivilent as it kept me much cooler. I learned drop leg dump pouches suck donkey butt with my play style. And finally, I learned that given enough time and patience, my teammates are finally coming to the realization that teamwork matters when playing this game.


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