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Need Pellet Gun recommendation for racoon

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Smurf Hunter:
Last night around 11pm my dogs went nuts.  I let them out back and they chased what looked like a 20lbs. racoon from my compost bin up my fence.  The damn thing sat up there hissing for 10 minutes while my dogs attempted to reach it.

I live in a fairly dense suburban neighborhood, so discretion is critical.  I grabbed my 9 year old son's Red Ryder BB gun and started squeezing off shots.  I knew the RR was loaded, as I could hear the BBs rattle, but I didn't think any were shooting, as the racoon didn't react at all.  Then I aimed the gun at a soda pop can on our patio table and shot through both sides and knocked the can over.

This racoon was getting hit repeatedly from the Red Ryder, but DID NOT care. 

Now, I don't need to necessarily kill the thing, but I want to hurt it enough so it doesn't want to hang out.

To summarize my requirements:

1) quiet - possibly achieved by using heavier/slower pellets?
2) afforable < $150 w/o optics
3) accuracy isn't critical, but this can't be a toy.  I need at hit a cat sized animal repeatedly inside of 50 yards
4) possibly scope recommendations, but within my small backyard I can make due with decent open sights.

Also, any ammo/pellet recommendations.  I presume .177 cal is the style I'd look at.

For a couple reasons I'll steer you away from shooting the critter.  First, I'm not comfortable shooting to wound in order to run something off.  It sounds like your neighborhood precludes the use of a .22, which is what I would use here on the farm.  Raccoons can sit still through a lot of pain, but that doesn't mean we should inflict it on them to run them off, in my opinion.  Second, even with a .177 pellet gun (yes, you were right on the caliber), I'm not sure how confident you can be in the suburbs about what is behind your target.  You don't want to chip someone's window or windshield.
For these reasons I suggest a live trap.  If you catch it, don't drive it to the country and release it.   Raccoons are as big a pest to us as they are to folks in the suburbs.  I would either turn it in to animal control or drown it in the trap and bury the corpse. Some of your decision process here will be dictated by what is legal in your area and what you are comfortable with.  Good luck!  I hate raccoons...

Smurf Hunter:
Good point about "Know your target and what is beyond."  I wouldn't be comfortable shooting a .22lr in my neighborhood.

While my neighborhood is rather dense, within a mile are many properties with horses and other livestock.  Basically on the outer edge of a metro area.

On a related note, I've had to shoo off stubborn wood peckers from a willow tree in my yard.  The Daisy RR doesn't permanently end that problem either.

check out

mike owns the place and will help you out over the phone to tell you what you need. i got a xisico x25 (22cal) from him and love it. his customer service is superb and he offers options for trigger upgrades and tunes. i got mine with the custom trigger for $140 shipped. nice fiber optic sights on it as well, easy to see.

my biggest problem is learning to shoot it because it's a springer, you can't hold it like a centerfire.

The last raccoon that showed up here, son blasted it with water from the garden hose (we have pretty high water pressure), and that was last year.  Whatever you do, keep your house pups away from it, as a raccoon can really tear a dog up if it gets to it. Even experienced coonhounds are not immune from a coon's viciousness when cornered/threatened.


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