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 I think I saw someplace that a Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle air rifle has enough kick to kill a racoon or a woodchuck ? That particular type of pellet gun I guess is also quieter so it may be better in residential area. It seems that pellet guns are not banned in residential areas the way that rifles and 22 are, less regulations I guess for those ? Something like that for under $300 seems interesting ..


Squirrel or crow I would say yes - raccoon, don't think so.

You will have to pretty close >25 yards, and very accurate (headshots) to kill anything with almost any normalish pellet gun. I am not including cosmic, $1000, compressed air guns.

You need to check up on local ordinances. Yes, less strict than real guns - but most cities have some restrictions.

I'm sure you have not viewed any of the GAMO youtube vids of them killing wild boar with single head shots. Also Crosman has a .357 they call the Beast that have killed Impala, Reedbuck, Red Hartebeest and others.

Airguns are not something to be discounted as a hunting tool. Its all about shot placement, range, skill and anatomy knowledge. Granted the above examples are not cheap guns. Retail $545.99 and $1349.00 respectively :o But still you can do some serious damage with these babies.

Gamo hog videos

Crosman/Benjamin Rogue "Beast" story and video

i bought a xisico xs25 and it's a pretty mean beast. is where i bought mine, the guy who runs the shop, mike, is super nice and knows his stuff. the xs25 is a very good chinese knock off of the german rws 34 which, in my research, seemed to be the best 'high end entry level' springer rifle.

i bought it because i can legally shoot it in my back yard and pellets are way cheaper than bullets. learning to fire a springer has been interesting, it's a lot different than a center fire system.

one note, if you get a springer-type rifle they are fairly loud, almost as loud as my 22 rifle.

valley ranch:
Wife gave me a Beeman, nothing fancy, a brute, but will knock down a Jack rabbit or cottontail at 75-100'.


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