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Advice on picking up a decent springer pistol?


Just re-listened to the last airsoft episode, and I'm sold on the idea of using an airsoft pistol for cheap target practice.

Checked out first. They're sold out of the two $30 springer pistols, but do have some $20 ones. Anyone know if they're any good?

Also checked out and they do carry a Glock lookalike springer, which would be my preference, but they want $30 for shipping on a $30 purchase.

Thanks for any advice.

You could try I usually go there to look up specs for air guns but they also sell a wide range of airsoft guns. Might want to check them out.

Evil kilt:
dont you can get a cheap gas or CO2 one easy enough plus it will help with your aim with the blow back action imitating a live weapon
Unless your under 18 or your state laws are different 

I agree with Kilt.

KWA makes great gas pistols that are nearly 1:1 with the real steel counterparts. Don't go cheap with springers.

If you're looking to get training value out of Airsoft, realism should be your biggest concern. With a gas blow back (GBB) pistol, you can train EXACTLY as you would with real steel instead of having to cock the weapon after each round is fired and creating training scars.

KSC and TM make glock GBBs.

And the price for this advice is a pic of whatever you decide to get.


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