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Just looking into a general survey to see if anyone else has had formal simunitions training, heard about it, or has looked into it. It is a tool we have used extensively in law enforcement for force on force training allowing us to easily convert our actual weapons to fire a non lethal powered projectile that simulates magazine sizes, recoil, and other aspects of tactical use of firearms against a living target without the risk of serious injury or death if used properly.

For anyone not familiar with the concept their website sells conversion kits and rounds to use in wargames exercises or other training purposes. If you or your gun club, etc can afford the cost its a fantastic training tool and a hell of a lot of fun you can find their website at:

I've never used Simunitions, but I have used ATI (same concept).  I'd definitely say that using those kinds of munitions steps up your training game quite a bit.  For me, it's similar in feel to paintball in that you know it's not lethal so you're free to test tactics and such, but by using your duty/EDC weapons things just feel more real.  The training feel with UTI/Simunition rounds was the closest I've come to the real world un-holstered building and area sweeps adrenaline and stressors, but in a lead-free training environment. 

Exactly Bd, if your going to it IMO do it right, as you train is how you fight the more realistic and comprehensive your training is the more likely again IMO it will hold up to an actual combat situation.

We've used simunitions for LEO training, but for the cost of one CAR-15 simmgun I can equip a five man entry team, with reasonably priced, decent quality rifles and handguns.  Also with the lower velocity of the airsoft rounds, you can train in just about any location and not worry about dinging drywall or breaking most glass. 

We use air soft. Much cheaper especially when you have 1800 leo's to train annually.


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