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Bummer the image isn't showing up. 

Front left pocket:
-   The cell phone I am taking this photo with

Front right pocket:
-   Reading Glasses (when I am not wearing them)
-   Main Knife – Gerber Fullback (shown)*

Front right small “coin pocket”
-   Olight I3EEOS flashlight
-   Gerber Dime**

* My main knife is usually a Case full size trapper in Zytel Camo scales or a Victorinox Climber.

** Usually my small multi-tool is a Leatherman Squirt PS4 but I carrying the Dime because of the cap lifter (many craft brews in my neck of the woods).

(I wish I could make this show up as an image...)


--- Quote from: Docwatmo on February 03, 2019, 04:22:00 PM ---Bummer the image isn't showing up.

--- End quote ---
Ugh, I forgot that images on Photos doesn't always work on the forums.

Here's another shot.

That other organizer was working ok, but was a bit too floppy.  I wanted something a little more rigid.  So I tried my hand at wet forming leather.  Not the best, but it's coming along.  I carry this in the same pocket as my keys, so next version will likely hold my keys as well.

You serious? This leather work is fine!

BTW,  how flexible I left is this case? Will it conform with movement,  will it print?


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