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Here is mine.   I haven't posted here before.

-Bandana or Hanky of some sort
-Maglite Solitare
-Cold Steel American Lawmen
-small pocket knife
-Glock 26 (Desantis Insider Holster)
-Leatherman PST II (circa 1996)
-phone (not shown, Galaxy S4 used to take my pics)
-keys (not show OPSEC, see for the reason why)
-key ring is a real climbing caribiner with a light-my-fire striker
-Duluth Trading Beefy Leather Belt


--- Quote from: InquiringMind on October 09, 2014, 11:26:59 AM ---jhull87 - I'm curious how you decide what to include in your EDC. You seem to carry a lot of things, including multiple knives. For me, something really has to 'earn' its way into my EDC by providing a near-daily utility. The exception is the pepper spray, for obvious reasons. Many people on this forum seem to have an EDC very much like yours, and I'm not knocking your choices in any way, but we've both thought about the minimum set of things we'd like with us and have come to different conclusions.

--- End quote ---

InquiringMind, (hopefully I quoted you right). Thanks! I've actually changed my EDC just from reading on all you guys, so thanks to everyone who has posted.

The reason I used to carry so many knives is the fact I wasn't supposed to carry a weapon at work. I figured it would be easier to explain a knife as a ''tool" than a pistol.

The main things that have changed are the flashlight- Now a Fenix E12
Knife-Beanchmade 154CM (the only one now besides the Leatherman, and the small blade on the money clip)
Leatherman- Sidekick
Keys- Now have a small pill bottle with some regular OTC meds, salt tablets, and water purification tablets. the P-38, nail clippers, and 4" landyard of 550 cord.

Started carrying my weapon at work after talking to the boss. He gave me written permission since the NC law has changed since the time the handbook was written.

I went from my Glock 23 Gen 1 to a Glock 19 Gen 3 and love the difference.

My EDC consist of keys, wallets, money clip, Streamlight Stylus PRO AAA flashlight, box knife, ink pen, IPOD, and a carry gun. Sorry no pics

Been a little while since I updated, things have changed at work...finally got to actually carry what I want to.

Wallet- $100 cash in a vacuum sealed bag (my emergency cash and if it wasn't done that way I'd spend it lol), credit car knife (and yes a xray can see it, learned that the hard way), and one prepaid credit card with $100 on it. (I'm questioning whether this is worth it or not based on fees)

Keys- on the weekends I carry 2 sets (at work I carry others but I don't consider them my EDC). Both sets have a truck key, house key, and a P-32. One set has a Gerber clip on it. I carry them in separate pockets, and both P-32s have electrical tape around them. Not really an EDC thing but more so I don't stab myself in my pockets lol.

Weapon- I've finally decided I really don't care about what my boss says about CCW at wprk. So I carry a G19 in a Nate Tactical holster, IWB and tackable version. I can tuck my undershirt in over the holster and sill wear my Polo untucked. The G19 is 'slicked up" with a 3lb trigger, 25 cent polish job, and a lone wolf threaded barrel (BTW I have a bone to pick with them in the handgun forum).

Knives- normally during the week I carry a Gerber EAB, my Leatherman  sidekick, and a cheap Kershaw folder. When not at work, I swap the Kershaw for a ZT. And on weekends I add my MT Genius neck knife.

I'm sure there is more that I care off and on depending on where I'm going, and what I'm doing. I have little pill bottles I carry on key chains, certain boots I wear with paracord laces and fire starter in the sole, and even armor I wear going into the city...

Looking back, it's interesting how my EDC has progressed, as I'm sure everyone has in their preps.

I just started playing around with leather craft and made up a pocket organizer for some of my EDC gear.

On left is a Leatherman Freestyle, in the middle is a Fisher Space Pen and on the right is an Olight i3E flashlight.  This will live in my right front pocket.


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