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Please help me pick an airsoft pistol (Glock 17 form factor)

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I attended a simunitions based force-on-force training event at here in Michigan. The also do regular force-on-force training using airsoft. I would like to purchase an airsoft pistol to use at the training events. I would like it to be based on the Glock 17 and I don't care about blow-back, color or even weight necessarily. I really want it to fire semi-auto. I don't need the full auto option, because my Glock 17 isn't full auto (bummer). I would like it to be able to fit properly in my Blackhawk SERPA holster and hopefully be durable enough to no self destruct if it gets dropped during training.

Alpha Mike:
Here it is.

You can tell by the price it is not a toy.  When I ever get some spare cash (hahaha) I want to get one to train with.

That one looks really nice. Are all the force-on-force usable pistols gas based? I would rather have to deal with batteries instead of gas, but if gas it the best way to be it.

Alpha Mike:
I can't say for sure, but from my research, all the high end / non-toy air soft guns are gas operated. 

Hey, I know it's been a while since this thread was active, hope I'm not necroing something dead, but:

All airsoft pistols I use are gas operated; since they're not getting heavy duty in milsim ops (like my M4 is), the gas works just fine, especially since you're mainly using it for last-ditch CQB (close-quarters battle) situations.

I prefer the gas over say, AEG (electric) or basic spring pistols.  That doesn't mean the others aren't good, just my preference.

Tokyo Marui is one of the best Airsoft manufacturers in the world; their items are amazing.

As for 'high end' being gas or electric (AEG), it depends on the manufacturer.  For my M4 and my M249, I stick with AEG...much more upgradeable and I like how they operate, but again my pistol is gas.  Less chance for electric components to go haywire :)

Some great vids and products over at  The frontman, "Tim", gives excellent gear reviews.  Take a looksie :)


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