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Benjamin Marauder - Backyard Sniper Rifle


Made a semi-impulse buy this summer and picked up the 25 cal Marauder.  There's no way of getting around the fact that its a lot of money, but what an amazing piece of gear, and a definite bargain compared to similar foreign-made products.  My only prior air rifle experience was the .22 Benjamin pump I had as a kid.  The M-rod is light years removed from that trusty classic.  For around the price of 1k rounds of .308, I don't have a shred of regret.  For me it's well worth foregoing another powder burner in order to pick up something like this.

For those who don't know, the Marauder has an 8-rd repeating bolt action and is pre-charged to 3000 psi with either a hand pump or scuba tank.  It spits out pellets from 24 to 43 gr at up to 900 fps thru a shrouded barrel, which makes it quiet to the point that the loudest sound is the pellet hitting the target.  Shooting in the backyard is easy, even in suburban SoCal none of my neighbors have a clue.  The accuracy is amazing with the right pellet, JSB Exact, Kodiak/Barracuda, and Eun Jin are shooting quarter size groups at 30 yds. 

I'm a crappy shot, but this thing sure makes it a lot easier, especially since I can shoot it more often in the backyard.  It is definitely more accurate that my 10/22, as well as being incredibly quiet and clean.  It is a little heavy and requires a scope, but its well worth it.  The pump requires some effort, so I might get a scuba tank at some point, but its nice to not be dependent on CO2.  A full charge is good for about 24 full-power shots between refills.  Sure beats having to pump 10 times between shots, like I did as a kid.

Where did you buy it from? How much did you pay?  Did that include the pump?

I got it from  The rifle was $520 and the pump was $150, but I used one of their coupon specials to take $100 off the total price.  I put one of their Simmons Whitetail Classic 6.5-20x50 scopes on it that was marked down to $100 from $250. 

Right now it looks like has the better deal on the gun, at $470, but the pump is more, about $180.  I didn't consider them at the time, because I didn't have any idea of their quality of service.  But since getting the gun, I've ordered a ton of pellets from them (.25 are not stocked at any of the stores in my area) and have been very impressed.  Their web site has a wealth of educational material with great articles, reviews and videos. 

Like I said, these prices are steep compared to a lot of other air rifles out there.  But when compared to other PCP guns costing 2-3 times as much, its a bargain.  Most of us wouldn't hesitate to plunk down more than that on another powder burner.  This is just as much fun, and much more useful in a lot of circumstances

Pulled the thing out last night, pumped it up and discovered it won't hold air for more than a couple hours.  Not good.  Looking at YouTube for tear down details and info on the problem seals, apparently most likely one or more O-rings on the pressure gauge assembly.  It's a nice gun, but I'll stick with the Benjamin 392 multi-pump as my TEOTWAWKI airgun, it just works, all the time.

How about a ShoeBox compressor.
These are a bit expensive, but romoves the need to hand pump or get scuba tank refilled, although can be used to recharge a scuba tank as well (not for breathing).
I believe you can use these in conjunction with a portable car air compressor allowing it to be used anywhere like a range for recharging your PCP airguns.


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