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Jack, look what you've done!!!!


I am amazed!!!  I have been listening to you for sometime now.  People thought I was crazy when they heard the audio quality.  The bummer is all they heard was the audio quality.  They never heard the message.  Who cares about audio quality.  You had me from the first sentence...."If times get hard, or even if they don't".    Looks like you kinda took a growth spurt as of late.  LoL!!

God bless you brother.  These are good works. 


On the audio quality you know I worried and thought I can't do it this way.  Then I figured hell, if I don't try nothing will happen.  I think the audio is a lot better now and just look around, here is what has happened.

1.  62 Episodes published and a listener base just on Feedburner of more then 700, that means I probably do reach more then 1000 a day already!

2.  Set a goal of 1000 feedburner subs by Oct. 1, damn well looks like we will be close, I had 24 when I set the personal goal and 100 when I asked for the audience's help on and someone will win the iPod or Silver, Oct. 1 or Oct. 15 it won't matter.

3.  The forum is less then a week old, 1064 Posts!, 149 Topics and 126 members!  As of this post!

4.  A awesome community of people that know what they do matters and who want their nation back has been formed.  God help both political parties by 2012!

5.  I have received over 100 emails saying in one way or another the show has touched their lives and made them better

And you know what, this is just getting started.  In the words of the old Bachman Turner Overdrive song, "Baby you just ain't seen nothin yet"!  With your help folks we are going to reach thousands and in time what we say and do here will matter, not just in the lives of a few but in the impact upon many.  I had no idea this would become what it is turning into, but I do know this, the American people are reaching a breaking point and we might just as well help them to know what to do when they snap.

Perhaps right now no elected officials care what this group of 1000 thinks but if we can do this in LESS then three months, give us a year!  I have been blessed with finding some of the greatest people in my nation and even around the world by doing this.

The lesson, what you say and how you say it is much more important then the way is sounds.  People know they truth when they hear it, I get things wrong sometimes, I will continue to do so as all humans are flawed.  That said I said what I really believe and I say it with the passion I feel it with.  Thanks to all of you whom have made doing so worth the risk, effort and grief that comes with the job.  To think that I almost let that crappy audio quality in the beginning prevent this.

I make this pledge to you folks, I won't quit and I will never take any of you for granted.  You got my word on that, as a patriot!


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