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New listener


Hey Jack, great show.  I just found you this week and have been listening to you at work every day now.  I went back and downloaded quite a few of your older episodes so I have plenty to catch up on.  I do have one thing to add, if I may.  I listened to your episode "Thoughts on Basic Survival Firearms" today, and at the beginning you talked about the importance on joining the NRA.  I am a life member in the NRA, but I would encourage all your listeners to also consider joining another group, the Gun Owners of America, of which I am also a life member.  The GOA tends not to compromise as much as the NRA does with politicians.  There is still a place for the NRA, but I personally try to support any organization the is 100% pro-2A.

Just in case anyone is interested:

From the UK we listen in awe to your discussions on the 2nd amendment and right to carry permits.  In the UK we have to prove to the state we have good reason to be allowed the privilege of fire arms ownership, such as sporting use. self defence is not good reason.  Banning self loaders, banning handguns, has had no effect on gun crime, but it has given the sheeple a warm glow for 60 seconds.

Welcome aboard wbo3! 


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