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Dam at risk of collapse, Whaley Bridge, England


Mr. Bill:
The town of Whaley Bridge is being evacuated due to erosion of the spillway on Toddbrook Dam.  Similar to the Oroville Dam semi-collapse in California.  This is a much smaller reservoir, but the chance of complete collapse may be larger.

BBC: Whaley Bridge dam collapse: Evacuation over Toddbrook Reservoir fears

Metabunk Forum has a bunch of info: Toddbrook Dam Collapse, Whaley Bridge, UK

Mr. Bill:
Reuters, 8/2/19: British military called in to stop dam collapsing and flooding town

--- Quote ---...Police were evacuating more than 6,000 residents of Whaley Bridge, in central England, telling them to take pets and any medication they needed with them after the dam was badly damaged during heavy rains.

Officials said the dam, holding back 300 million gallons of water in the reservoir above the town, was in danger of failing, putting lives at risk. A small number of residents have refused to leave their homes. ...

Police said a Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter was shifting 400 tonnes of aggregate - a mixture of sand, gravel and stone - onto the reservoir wall to reinforce it. ...
--- End quote ---


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