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Michigan - Possible "bomb cyclone"


Meteorologists saying Michigan will be hit this weekend with a low pressure system with the possiblity of becoming a "bomb cyclone."

We’ve had some crazy strong winds this year already, a result of higher pressure spreads between highs and lows.  But this one tomorrow appears to be the biggest of them all.  It may be worth my while to either take my beehives off their cinder blocks and put them on the ground with the cinder blocks on the covers, or run rope through the cinder blocks and over the covers to hold them down.  I’ve already had two covers blow off this year and that has never happened in my 12 years of keeping bees in Michigan.

Wind storms are no joke.

Five years ago we were hit with a macroburst. Our 200+ year old oak tree was felled. Another of our trees was pulled from ground and landed on neighbor's house a block away destroying it.  A tree limb shot through our back wall like a spear.  Another penetrated the RV top to bottom.  Treetops were clipped like a scythe.  The damage of 120 mph shearing winds was something to behold.

Here is what it looked like:

No lost hive outer covers!  That was a serious windstorm, though.  I went with a combination of tying the hives down to their cinder block bases, and putting cinder blocks on top.  I started the year with 8 hives.  I had six still alive before this storm.  I’m hoping at this point to have all six make it the last six weeks or so until I can start feeding them.

Sounds good.


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