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Snow storm wallops Pacific Northwest - State of Emergency Still in Effect

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Snow storm wallops Pacific Northwest, people rescued in Sierra Nevada
"Forecasters predict this may be a storm unlike one we've seen in many years," said Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said as he declared a state of emergency.

— A winter storm pounded Washington state, forcing the cancellation of flights in Seattle as officials worked to get people off the streets and into shelters during the nation's latest bout with winter weather.

Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency for the state of Washington, saying everyone in the state should focus on staying safe, as a winter storm warning went into effect from Friday until Saturday at 4 p.m. PST.

Seattle receives the most snow in 70 years, bitter cold temperatures expected

Some areas around Seattle recieved more than 10 inches of snow Saturday, the most in 70 years, the National Weather Service said, and more is on the way two more storm systems close in on the area. The National Weather Service said the first storm system is expected to arrive in the area Sunday night with light accumulation, and the second system will push through Monday and continue into Tuesday.

Meanwhile, cold temperatures are expected in the region overnight Saturday, with temperatures dropping to 15-20 degrees and the wind chill in the single digits.

Mr. Bill:
Southeastern Washington (my area) got hit pretty hard too.  I think we only got like 8 inches, but with 40+ mph winds the drifts got over 5 feet deep in places.  At one point, 200-300 vehicles were stranded on I-82 south of Kennewick.  Many major roads are still closed, side streets may be impassable, and don't talk to me about my driveway and private road.  :P  (Prepper fail: I negligently let the battery in my tractor die, and the terminals and hold-down are corroded into place so that I haven't been able to get the new battery installed.  Gonna try jump-starting it this afternoon and see if I can get some snow moved.)

Smurf Hunter:
Friday was something else in Seattle.  I went to work from 0900-1400.  The earliest train departed at 1430, otherwise I'd left sooner.

The urban dwellers fled at noon, and stopped by Whole Foods only to find bare shelves.  People were grabbing random exotic produce out of desperation.

Hardware stores were just as bad

Ayup. Seems to be a common scene, somewhere, just about every year now.

We only have a 3-day supply of groceries in this country, as well as 3 days for gasoline.


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