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Radio Review & Comparison: Tecsun 660 (old) vs. 680 (new)

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Any comparison to the Sony SW7600 GR?  I love this radio for it's performance, but not the ergonomics. 

  I've been using the GP5 with my QRP transmitter and a TR switch. would the 660 work better?

So I understand this correctly. You Are using the GP5 to receive the signal. In that case I'd recommend the 660. I will put a review up of the GP5 vs. 660 tonight on the forum with a layman's perspective.

thanks for this....if there is such a difference in performance, you saved me from a mediocre buy. I tended to favor the GP5 for portability

The pictures sort of look like a version of my old yacht boy radio. 

What I need to find / buy / make is a nice "small" AM/FM radio antenna that I can hook up to hardware in my basement.
SW would be a bonus problem if I have to have 3 antennas...


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