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Radio Review & Comparison: Tecsun 660 (old) vs. 680 (new)

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there is not much into it when it comes to receive only antennas....
you will need a length of simple wire on the outside of the house. between this you will need a coax (rg58 is a good choice, but ANY kind will do) to shield the EM interference. Connect (solder if possible) the wire on the center core of the coax...connect a lug compatible to the radio on the other end of the coax (center core again), or you can fix a crocodile clip to it and clip on the radio's now antenna.

Now regarding length of antenna wire, leadeye mentioned 14 and 23 feet of in his review post.
As far as i can remember both these lengths fall into the "random wire listening antenna" suggested lengths. these will be good to go. Longer lengths is said to "load" the reception circuit of the listening radio too much.
And the stronger the signal one gets, the stronger the background noise is,gains practically nothing on such listening radios...


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