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Cedar that is a write up!!!  I'm off to start downloading! Thx!!!

Once again, Cedar wins the internet! I am now looking for some of these for my android, lol.

On Find iPhone - I put it on both girls' phones. They are constantly leaving them on silent and forgetting where they put them. The alarm is LOUD. Bug's was stolen out of her backpack at school, so I set the alarm off which works even on silent. A teacher took it up from another student. He was charged with theft and we got her phone back. Win/win

Another vote for Otterbox.  I've dropped my phone a billion times on pavement and concrete, and it's still great 4 years later.

John Doe:
Most everything's been covered BUT I will 2nd the us army survival guide & WAZE

I live in Virginia & radar detectors are illegal but with WAZE you "see" the police long before they see you ;) also accidents, debris, traffic congestion, alternate routes All real time.

Also, I tried several weather apps. My favorite is Radar Express - NOAA Weather
it's no frills, just a weather radar & a forecast. It alerts you to bad weather too.

Great list, Cedar.

If you are looking for a podcast app for Android, BeyondPod.  It's awesome.  The free version is crippled, but I forget what it is (maybe limited number of podcasts).  As soon as I tried it out, I paid for the full license.  Well worth the price


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