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Viatek® Renu-It™ Disposable Battery Regenerator?

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Tactical Badger:

Anyone know anything about these?  They sound too good to be true.  Hence my hesitation to buy one.  Although, I'm thinking I might just to try it out and see if it works at all.

I saw that too, TB, and wondered the same thing.  I've almost ordered it 3 times now :)  I'll google it and see what comes up...

Michael Masse:
keep us posted.  Sounds awesome.

Tactical Badger:
Oh, I Googled the crap outta' it. ;D

All I found were places selling it.  I didn't see anyone reviewing it.

Michael Masse:
I vaguely remember as a kid recharging regular batteries until we were told that it was "dangerous".  If this things has some feature that would somehow safe guard from exploding batteries that would be wonderful.


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