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Is STERNO worth having? should I buy on clearance @ Kroger?

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Tactical Badger:
Yeah, you can't go wrong having some Sterno around.  We've had cans for years, and they've been fine.  They are definitely part of my contingency plan for heating up food.  They don't get hot enough to really "cook" with IMHO.  But, they work great for heating water or food.

As I understand it, there's two kinds...liquid and gel.  I've only ever used the liquid.

Is STERNO worth having? heck yeah i use them all the time :) :)


--- Quote from: KyFarmer on February 12, 2009, 01:41:01 PM ---^^^^ Good lord man...he just asked about Sterno cans. :o

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that's what i was thinking. :D

great price!  send me some!

during hurricane season we cook small items with sterno.  takes a while, but it works.   also does great heating up things.  In fact, thinking back, we sort of used it as a no-power microwave to supplement the outdoor grills and propane fryer stand.  very convenient, and handy.  buy them.

Sterno not having a tight seal? It took me awhile to get the lid off. I have a orange stove used with Sterno cans to cook things. They do more than keep your food warm. I tested using it and it brought my water to a full boil. They cook alright! I have several of these. Some are in my jeep, some are in my house, BOB, you name it. I still have a propane stove and other methods for starting a fire, but Sternos work well the times I have used them! I would suggest you use them with a stove designed for them though. Another upside is, unlike propane stoves, you can cook these in doors without worrying about suffocation.  :D Always a plus. They also last for about 2 1/2 hours per can.

Tactical Badger:
Cold haven,

Do you have any info on the stove you use with Sterno cans?



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