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Is STERNO worth having? should I buy on clearance @ Kroger?

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I'd have to take a picture of it. I got it at an Army/Navy store a few months ago. It is made of heavy metal, it folds into three sections so that it is flat, and when you unfold it the sections hold the sterno can above the ground on a little metal tray below the 'stove'. It looks like this:

Looking for them online is easy to do, but I picked mine up on the cheap because of the Army/Navy store. I like it because it is foldable and therefore takes up less space in a BOB.

Tactical Badger:
Thanks.  That's the one I have a couple of as well.  Mine are black though.  I think  got them through Campmor.  I was just checking to see if maybe you had a different one. 

I have had Sterno cans dry out, it is hit and miss.  You can rehydrate them with rubbing alcohol though.

I prefer to use a small iso-butane stove.  For $25, you can get a tiny stove that runs forever on a single iso-butane cartridge.  Throw another $25 in and you can get a small lantern for it.  It is much nicer for cooking as you can control the heat.


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