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Compst as a prep
« on: August 24, 2018, 11:41:14 AM »
Does anyone else see compost production as a prep?
How do you measure what you "should" have?
Do you measure capability to make or on hand?

I have recently discovered how much compost Chickens can make and the quality of the material that they produce.  I ma not just looking at their direct output in soil bedding, which is actually less than expected, but the material that they dig and scratch. We have been feeding ours the scraps form the kitchen, the weeds pulled and an amount of grass clippings.  All this they peck and scratch, eating what they like, shredding the rest.  What they produce make the stuff that comes out of the compost pile, remaining grass additional kitchen scraps and yard waist, look poor by comparison.  I have taken to digging the clay, got to love Ohio "soil", under the pile of compost in the chicken yard and turning that in.  They go nuts to dig and scratch at any pile you give them.  I now have a deep rich loose compost soil a foot or so deep in that area of the chicken run.  I should also say that this is so full of life even compared to the "traditional compost".  I am only 7 months or so into the chicken experience so my position may change.

I am trying to determine if I should continue to do this so that I have a base to draw material should I need to expand my garden on short notice.  The traditional compost pile (4 feet by 8 feet By up to 3 feet high) finds itself depleted at least once a year and I need to add more base material, often manure from nearby farms and friends.  I should say that the depletion is a combination of feeding my existing beds and adding additional beds.  My production space is growing every year and I started the process of tripling it for this year into next year.

So I am trying to gage if others see an abundance of compost as a necessary prep.  Stockpiling and or quick ready "spares" or just keep expanding with the goal of 80% food production in good times and I am good to go.  I think the more I right the more I think I am on track with the operations I have going.  Perhaps I do not need to kick up the chicken yard in to a full on Compost machine down 2 to 3 feet over the whole 30ft x 30ft area.

If you care to watch some youtube videos I have found interesting. I am not connected with them at all I am watching and trying some of what they are doing.  It appears to work

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Re: Compst as a prep
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2018, 04:53:07 PM »
I like compost and value creating it.  But I don’t really see it as a Prep.  Decay happens.  My compost pile speeds it up, but it’s a process that occurs on my property no matter what I do.  Also, compost can not have more nutrients than the sum of what you add to it.  So if you are creating compost from grass clippings, for example, you are taking away nutrients that came from the ground and would return to that piece of ground, and moving it somewhere else (carbon from photosynthesis is a different beast).

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Re: Compst as a prep
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2018, 05:35:48 PM »
Probably not a prep, but value added for our garden needs.
All chicken cleanup from their pen/roost area goes into the compost bin (6x14) or directly on the garden area. Chickens are free to run, so we don't get a lot from them.

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Re: Compst as a prep
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2018, 06:37:35 AM »
  Good secondary use of expired zombies..... :zombie: