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Lewis And Clark Air Rifle

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A friend just sent that last video. That is so awesome! I never knew anything about this. Can you believe the # of rounds it could shoot before repumping the air! :o But can you imagine having to pump 1500 times ;D

I've spent a lot of time researching this airgun.
I'm actually setting up a metalworking shop in hopes of one day being able to reproduce something similar.
Here's the link to a site with a ton of info.

On field trips to Ft. Clatsop as a kid, they had one of these ugly air rifles as an example of what Lewis & Clark carried:

I've got to say, that Girandoni rifle looks so much more amazing.  Buttstock reservoir, 22 round repeater, wow....gotta love those Austrians.

I wish someone would make a new version of this gun.  It's ingenious for its time! Quite impressive.

In "Undaunted Courage" it is explained that the repeating capability of the air guns was very impressive to the Native Americans they encountered and usually ensured a peaceful visit.  Also, IIRC, they were even used to hunt grizzly along the way (sounds like they were much more numerous and widespread back then).  It does not mention it being problematic in maintenance, so that is impressive as well considering the varied conditions and modes of transport and exposure to elements. Sort of like showing up to a knife fight with a M240.

I'm sure a replica of these would sell. Very unique and an important gun in opening up the West.


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