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this might be the weirdest way to heat a greenhouse yet...

Here's another great looking AK garden!

Wow!  Thanks Canada!  Will look at all the sites that you sent.  I'm very new to gardening and will be installing raised bed gardens this next spring.  Can't wait to get started, but would like to try some indoor stuff if possible.  What kind of temps are you dealing with there for your gardening?  Ours averages between 45 and 55 during the summer.  Hopefully we will have more sun next year as we had very few sunny days this last year.  Thanks again! 


There's a lot of talk on the forum about Pre-1965 American dimes & quarters. Does anyone know about the composition/value of Canadian coins?

Hey all Im checking in here!
As for the canadian silver coins, it is a bit further back i think from 1870-1969 for quarters and nickles


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